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About us

C-Quel is a small company that thinks big. Located in the northern region of Belgium, near the Dutch and German border. A team of real high skilled people can fulfill all your software-needs. We understand the “art” of translating your needs into a software. We live by the credo “listen, advice & help”.
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What we do

Of course, building software is our core business. But what about your business? We study your business in order to build the best software for your needs.

As every path to success is different, it is our mission to provide you with a tailored software solution to help you on your path to success.

"Of course, we have to think like you, we want you to grow your business because we want you as our software client for the next 100 years."
Filip Lagrou

Unique about us

The uniqueness of C-Quel is that we like to know your business first. Why? If we don’t know what you do, how can we think with you?

Software is not a cost for your company but an investment. That is why we like to know your business in order to fulfill your exact needs. We like to think of software as a tool-to-guide-your-company-to-success. And that is what software should be! Software must save time, and we all know: time is money.

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We are here to build the digital solutions to simplify, modernize and expand your business.
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Why work with us

Of course, there are a lot of great software builders out there. So, why should you work with C-Quel? Easy…

A small company means high flexibility. Small also means highly skilled (otherwise no one would knock on our door). Small is similar to “no business hours here”.

But if you really want to know why you should work with C-Quel, just ask our customers. No one can explain better than them why you should work with us.