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What we did

C-Quel handled the complete registration of UF6 waste management. In short: uranium is transported in containers, these containers need to be cleaned and (re)certified on a regular basis. C-Quel provided the right tool to administer the complete flow.

Our solution

C-Quel provided a multi-tier solution. (Micro)Services written in Delphi and C# plus a Windows client application.

We combined socket communication with our services in order to “talk” to PLC’s. As we all know, radioactivity is a complex and dangerous item, security was the number one issue in the software we made.

Scalability, redundancy and performance are the keywords of the software we made.

"We guided Belgoprocess towards their solution. We provided the analysis, a complete set of software tools and delivered support during the whole project."
Filip Lagrou

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