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Delphi Development


Some claim they are the only one in Belgium...

We dare to say they are wrong.

(Because we are here too with lots of others)

What we do and who we are

Of course everybody claims to have the most experienced developers. If a Delphi software house can help you with your project(s), then of course they have the exact developers you need.

But if we told you that we are real Delphi specialists with lots of Delphi and Pascal experience. Would you believe that? Would you scroll down?

"We trained a lot of Delphi developers in Belgium. That's why they say they are specialists... ;-) And it's all true."
Filip Lagrou

Facts & Figures

A kind of reference to actually see for yourself if you're in touch with a real Delphi professional is of course the Embarcadero MVP list.

The Embarcadero Most Valuable Professional list...

At the time of writing this blog post there are 3 Belgian MVP's on that list of which 2 of them work closely together. In fact those 2 are technical partners of one another.

Figures... years of Delphi experience... we don't talk decades... centuries of combined Delphi experience is more appropriate.

MVP List

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