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Logistic Centre Weert

"Logistic Centre Weert chose C-Quel to bring their application to the cloud."
Luk Vandelaer

What we did

We ported an existing application to the cloud. We re-used the business logic, but used a complete new architecture.

We've completely rewritten a Delphi client-server application into a multi-tier application.

Our solution

C-Quel provided a multi-tier solution. Services written in Delphi supported by a browser application written in AngularJS. A Windows application for internal use and a Rest API for the customers.

The original application was written in Romania years ago and was a bit out-of-date. We offered a solution where the business logic could be reused so we could minimize the cost and maximize the profit.

Oh, did I say we even had to develop a Win CE client? Logistic Centre Weert has 'smart' barcode scanners, so we even had to develop a small client app for those too.

You want a complete 'software-makeover'?

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