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Do we believe in the future of Pascal / Delphi?


Running a compiler in a browser? Nah...

Maybe Pascal development isn't that sexy as it was in the nineties, but this is beyond sexy!

We consider this a new major milestone (again) in the Pas2Js compiler. The Pas2Js compiler runs now embedded in the browser itself. If you never heard of the Pas2Js compiler as a Delphi developer, you definitely heard about TMS Web Core!

Don't take our word for it and see (or try) for yourself! (click the button below)

Compiler in browser

Cutting edge technology

Bringing a compiler to the browser is pretty much unseen. And although it's just a demo, this is a strong base for further improvement like specifying additional options, viewing generated source code, better GUI, etc.

But it works! No server interaction other than loading the extra needed unit sources is necessary! All is done in the browser!

"Do I believe in the future of Pascal development? I think a browser-compiler says more than a 1000 words..."
Michaël Van Canneyt

Try the demo

It's easy

  • enter the source of your program (e.g. Hello World)
  • load the necessary units on the "Load Units" tab (the "Load default units" is a good start)
  • hit "Compile"
  • observe the output of the compiler in the "Compiler output" tab
  • if all went well, the "Run" button is now active
  • hit the "Run" button

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