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La Provençale - Linux to the rescue


Windows vs Linux

La Provençale contacted us because they know we target multiple platforms. Long story short: they want (almost) all of their applications ported to Linux. They have several in-house developed Delphi 7 applications that need an 'upgrade' to Linux.

They are very much content of Delphi 7, the only disadvantage... Delphi 7 doesn't support Linux. Those are the cases we like: easy to solve with less effort.

Our Solution

The only aim is to switch platforms. No need for webapplications or even multi-tier applications. So, the easiest (and cheapest) way to switch to Linux is through Free Pascal / Lazarus.

To embellish the look & feel of the applications, we use the TMS FNC Components. So, we hit two birds with one stone: we polish the look & feel with FNC components and we build Linux desktop applications.

Of course we've done this before, but we're glad we can do this again. Regardless of the platform we can always use the tool we love the most... Delphi / Free Pascal.

"As member of the core team of FPC, I can live my live to the full with La Provençale ;-)"
Michaël Van Canneyt

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