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Panacee - Pharmaceutical compounding

Our very own Panacee – Software for pharmaceutical magistral compounding
Several hospitals in Belgium asked us to create software for their pharmacies. Especially for magistral compounding.

While developing we always kept in mind that hospitals are highly secured (of course they are) to protect their sensitive data.

We managed to combine a high level of security with external connections without the risk of “leaking” data.

Panacee is completely written in Delphi. A service for RasPI is written in Free Pascal.

"Hospitals are charmed by the fact that we don’t need extra libraries or assemblies."
Filip Lagrou


Our detailed attention towards security assured the IT services that they didn’t need to make any adjustments to their policies.

Services we provided

We provided cloud based solutions to provide the hospitals using Panacee to update the data needed in the pharmacies.