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What is Parlangi?

First of all, we would like to thank Parlangi for chosing C-Quel as their preferred partner for software development.

Parlangi encourages people to learn a foreign language. The best way to do so is to talk to a native speaker with common interest(s). Of course, you can find all information on their website.

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They needed what?

Well, Parlangi was in need of several things. Of course their main tool - talk to another person over the internet - was their primary focus. But there was also the need to administer all participants and their interests all over the globe.

So, we had to dig deep to find the right solution... Much more was needed to build the right solution.

The solution(s)

Is it necessary to say we developed the back-end in Delphi? And of course, part of the front-end is also developed in Delphi using TMS WEBCore.

Lot's of technologies came togheter on this one... REST, JSON, OAUTH, etc.

Don't forget the according mobile apps for Android and iOS.

"I found the ideal partner in C-Quel. They only needed a few words to understand what we wanted. It's a pleasure working with them."
Hans Verrijcken - CEO Parlangi