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Small, but with lots of technologies combined

As Sistema-Gopren approached us to build them a "small webshop" we knew we would have to combine several technologies because small on the outside, doesn't exactly mean small on the inside.

Of course it's not a regular webshop otherwise they would have chosen one of the magnificent open-source projects of webshops. It has to be something specific for their business.

This was a perfect opportunity for us to take Delphi to the web.

"The Sistema-Gopren webshop was our first real challenge for the brand new TMS Web Core. Of course it was exciting for me because I am one of the developers of that compiler."
Michaël Van Canneyt

How we handled this

In fact, it's not just a webshop which handles all operations online. Besides the webapplication we needed to build an admin tool also, not only for desktop, but also for mobile devices.

Our solution

Of course we build a browser app. Pretty obvious for a webshop, isn't it? That browser app is completely written in Delphi with TMS Web Core. So, in fact all of our Delphi code is 'translated' into javascript. We hired a webdesigner to style the webpages.

The backend service and the desktop admin tool are also written in Delphi and we used Swift (iOS) for the mobile device.

Can we help you out?

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