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What we did

In short... a complete software make-over using Delphi all the way.

We've managed to implement a solution for the procedures within this company. An improvement of this procedures was rather obvious because everything was 'managed' by MS Excel.

Our solution

It wasn't easy because we needed to control the machinery within this company. We provided back-end software written in Delphi that needed to control the machines, but also needed to provide real time information. A second API was written to feed the webportal for customers. The Windows client software is (obviously) written in Delphi also, the webportal is written in Angular.

There is a lot to tell about that project, but it would be too much to read. If you want more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

"This make-over project stimulated us to go for the extra 'byte' in the solution."
Filip Lagrou

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