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Software Solutions

Custom software development

How does custom software development work? Pretty easy… You have a problem, or even better, you have a challenge. That challenge can be automated. You tell us about your challenge and we provide ‘the answer’ to your challenge.

Of course, this is a time-consuming process, but that’s pretty much how it works.


But how does it work in real life?

First of all, you’ll have to contact us and tell us what you need. (pretty obvious – isn’t it?)

As next step, we come over to taste your coffee (really important – a developer is a tool to convert coffee into code) and have a nice chat about your challenge.

This way we can roughly estimate what the cost can be. A strong software solution is a critical investment to help your company to achieve the company goals.

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If we’re on the same level, this means that you are convinced that we can do the job (and of course we can) and that your company will be better with the software solution, than we can really start working together.
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Often forgotten, but everything starts with a decent analysis. Analysis is everything! No analysis, no software!

Just take our word for it: if a developer immediately starts coding based on what you tell him or her in a couple of hours… it won’t work!

Analyzing your challenge means that we (have to) talk to all the people involved in the project, from key-users to management. We need to understand what everyone wants.

Once we're satisfied that we've covered all things, we present the script of how your future software will work. It's similar to how a movie is made: without a script it’s impossible to have a good movie.

"If you like ‘the script’ we build your custom solution based on proven, dependable technologies."
Filip Lagrou


A very hands-on, result-oriented approach to software, with a thorough testing strategy.
Since this can be a lengthy process, at all times you have access to your solution:
The source code is in a place you can access at any time and you can see for yourself how the project progresses.